All of our products can be created in any metal. We primarily use 16-gauge steel, but aluminum,  stainless steel, copper, brass, or heavier gauges can be specified.

Limited Only To Your Imagination!

We love to create custom art! The process begins from your SVG, GIF or DXF files or, our design team can work with you to create a completely unique item based upon your specifications.


Using a combination of transparent dyes, hand-painted details, a variety of patina methods, glazes and powder coats, our artists create breathtaking visuals with a look and luster only metal can provide.

Not Just Art

We can make functional, yet personalized pieces.  Fire pits, shelving, gates, security panels, off-road bumpers, and hitch covers are just some of the possibilities available.

Great Gift Idea!

Seeking a thoughtful gift for an upcoming occasion or someone special?  Talk with our design team and let us create something as unique as the person it is for. . . even if that person is yourself!


We can create 3-D sculptures and multi-layered signage.  We can incorporate back lighting and L.E.D surround lighting to make pieces really stand out.  

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